Monday, 2 March 2009

while i watch QI :)

today was quite good actually! i wasn't really looking forward to it because i had to go to college, and that means getting up at 5:50am, yack D:
but college was okay, and me and natty went shopping for her birthday present :) i got her a bag and a belt, but i ended up spending like £100 on myself D: i cant resist lmao.
i got a lovley blazer and a jumper from a vintage shop i didnt even know existed, it was so nice i wanted to live in it hahaha.
i got a new bag too from topshop, it'll do till i can afford the mulberry bayswater hahaha.
does anyone even read this? eeeeeh i doubt it, but i'll probablys keep writing on here to cure the boredom hahaha, bye :) x

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