Thursday, 16 April 2009

sasha pivovarova, cameras, driving and the inbetweeners

Images are from Flickr, click on them for HQ versions.
I lovee this! ♥ The editorials from the end of 2005, Sasha Pivovarova is one of my favorite models everr, and these photos are making me want to dye my hair blonde, hahaha.
Anyways I've sorted out my camera yey, so I'll post some pictures of my room and stuff tomorrow after my driving lesson :) Ahhh I have a mock test again tomorrow, I hope I pass this one, then I can actually book my proper test, haha.

Right I'm off to watch The Inbetweeners! It's soo funny :D x

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  1. Oh Daleeeeee, i miss you!!!
    I want to see your new room!!!
    Love you xxxxxxx


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