Monday, 4 May 2009


My hair's short on the bottom ones cause I couldn't be bothered with extentions, I hate wearing them lmao, but I hate having short hair. ;(


  1. oh my god, i never would've guessed you wore extensions, your hair looks so natural! it looks dead lovely without them as well though :)
    ps. thanks for adding me to your links, i added you to mine tooooo :o)

  2. Hello!
    Betty passed me on to your blog and i am loving your style!especially the combination of the leather jacket she skirt and the paris top!
    i'm going to add you to my daily liks.

    I saw you draw as the best soo i wondered if i find the time to look up a picture of me would you be willing to draw it for me? When you feel like it of course! I'd feature it on my blog with a link so people who see it can visit your blog.

    i would like to hear from you

    with love jessi


i read and appreciate every comment :) so thank you!