Tuesday, 2 June 2009

college interview

This is what I wore today :) Allthough I changed the shoes to go out 'cause I couldn't be bothered to walk around in heels all day, lmao. I uploaded it too lookbook too, the link is HERE. :)

I love my tights! :D
Anyways I've had such a good day! First my tights arrived that I ordered on Sunday (
Topshop stuff still hasn't came though :( Urgh, haha) so I wore them today. I went to my old school with Bethany to pick up some certificates for my GCSE's that I was suposed to get in November, haha. I was going to get all my old art work too but my teacher had thrown it away to make more room for other peoples work :(.
Then I went to see my friend that I used to live near, it was so funny one of her chairs was broken and I didn't know, I sat on it and fell off :') Ahahahaha.
After that I got the bus to Durham and met back up with Bethany to go to my college interview to a college in Durham, it was okay and afterwards we went to Subway so it was alll goood, lmao.
If my Topshop delivery dosen't come tomorrow I'm going to die, its soo frustrating having to stay in all day waiting for it. :@


  1. love the outfit!
    and the tights. lush lush lush.
    where are they from?
    also, would you like to exchange links?

    www.fashionistadujour.typepad.com << my link.

  2. my topshop top came!
    hope yours arrives soon, what you gunna do at college this time ?? xx


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