Tuesday, 30 June 2009

confessions of a shopaholic

Hi! :) I had a good day today, me and Bethany went to Durham shopping, then to a ballet class later on in the day :). I didn't buy much (for once :O) I did buy the Confessions Of A Shopaholic DVD, I love it :D , and some nail varnish.
I took this just before me and my Mam had a huge argument over the stupid phone and I stormed out of the house. :') I took the flowers out of my hair though because they looked crap, haha.

Oh and heres two pictures of two of Bethanys cats, 'cause there adorable!
Anyways I'm going to watch Confessions Of A Shopaholic again 'cause I'm sad, hahaha, byee xxx


  1. I think the flowers looked nice haha :)
    That one of Tigerlilly is gorgeous ahaha, I'm stealing it XD
    And Sam looks good too haha, I don't wanna leave him out XD
    xxx love you xxx

  2. awwww please tell me that ginger cat doesnt really have only one eye, otherwise i might come and steal it, sooooo cute!!!

    also, i think the flowers look really cool in your hair i think you can pull it off with your look :)
    keep up the great blog x

  3. haha hes my friends cat, yeah he only has one eye, hes dead cute!
    thank you :) xx

  4. aww the cats are adorable! love your hair btw :) xx

  5. Your hair is SO enviously gorgeous!
    The cat's are adorable, and I LOVE Durham :)
    Love your blog xxx

  6. Aww, a one eyed puss? So so cute.

    I like the flowers in your hair! xx


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