Friday, 3 July 2009

my favorite people on lookbook :)

I've had nothing to do all day 'cause there was a really big thunderstorm earlier (It made the house shake :| ) and I don't want to go out incase there's another one, I'm so scared of them, hahaha.

So here's some of my favorite people on :) In no order, 'cause this took ages and I couldn't be bothered to order them in the end, haha. x


  1. I love more than half of the choices. But whoa, this is a really great post ^-^ I've seen all these girls before a lot on LB, but I didn't know they had blogs!

  2. great post! i love all of these lookbookers :) lookbook is so amazing, its my main source of inspiration!

  3. Aww thanks for putting me there bbz :)
    I love like every single one of them!
    Damn them all having beautiful clothes! haha

  4. sometimes I get bored looking through lookbook, but you've come accross some real gems =)


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