Sunday, 30 August 2009

new dress :)

I'm not wearing any shoes 'cause I wasn't going anywhere yesterday when I took this.. I've always had this habit of standing on my tiptoes all the time, I've been doing it since I was little, probably because I'm so small, hahaha.

Today I went to Asda with my Mam, wasn't very fun but at least I went somewhere, lmao.

I got these tights last week, I love them. :D They're like the Chanel ones but cheaper. :)
Now I'm off to my Dads house for my tea, bye! :)


  1. I love your new dress, and them tights are amazing! :)


  2. OMG I NEED THOSE TIGHTS. I'm going to steal them from you when you're drunk hahahaahaha :') I'm not really XD Aaaaah Tuesday will be fuuuuun :)
    xxxxxx love you xxxxxxx

  3. lmao i have another pair... :') haha i know :D apart from the getting up early part :| haha love you xxxxxx

  4. Where did you get the tights from? Ive been looking for a pair for agesss!

  5. i adore both dresses! but those tights are so sickk! very cool!

  6. Ha I always stand on my tiptoes in pictures aswell!
    Love you're fringe soo much!

  7. Your tights are awesome! I love how you paired it with the dress! Cuteeee.


  8. ooh where's the first dress from? its gorgeous! :) so is the second outfit xx

  9. Ahh.
    Where did you get the second dress?

    Just askin', 'cuz I went to a camp in France, and a girl from Turkey had the same dress, haha.

  10. Your tights are beautiful.! Both dresses are truly beautiful, first one is my favorite. Well, I found a similar one at Chadwicks.


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