Wednesday, 9 September 2009


In Topshop changing rooms, we both need this jumper! Ahaha.

My two favorite things from Costa. :D

Beth waiting for the bus, lmao.

Me and Bethany had 4 hours to spare inbetween lessons so we went into Durham, spent about an hour in Topshop (Trying things on, including thigh high boots, ahahaha) then we went to Costa and had a panini and a smoothie thing. :) I'm so tired because I got up at 5:30am again. Waaa, I think I'm going to go to sleep now, even though its only half 8, haha. :) xx


  1. Nice dress!!!!And delicious sandwiches of course..hahaha

  2. you 2 are absolutely adorable...<3333 love topshop over all!!!luckily we dont have it in germany...thats always a reason going to england few times a year!HIHI!!!

  3. i'm sure if you looked hard enough, you'd be able to find a jumper like that in your local charity shop haha
    ps paninis are awesome XD

  4. Hey Bekah. You have such a awesome blog! I think I am your newest fan:)
    Rock, peace and love.

  5. Its so good to see two stylist gals hit the likes of Topshop...and whats even better is your from the UK (you are, right?). I thought i was the only fashion blogger here that was from this little island, haha.

    You look amazing! Loving the jumper.

    Much love
    Lucie x

  6. great photos! what camera do you have? i want to do photography at college and i think we have to buy our own slr camera. xx

  7. great jumper!
    and i'm loving beth's docs :o


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