Sunday, 25 October 2009

metro centre

On Thursday me and Bethany went to the Metro Centre (Which is like this huge shopping centre, I think it's the biggest in Europe! Or it used to be, I don't know, haha.) I told myself I wouldn't spend much money, but I did anyway, I can't help myself. :') I got a blazer and a bag from a charity shop, a lovley jacket from Zara, a velvet playsuit from Topshop and a scarf and this jumpsuit thing from H&M that I probably will never wear but I bought it anyways, haha. Then we went to Nandos. :D And then went to Sunderland on the night to get drunk but I couldn't afford any drinks so it was a bit rubbish, lmao. Anyways heres a few pictures. :)

This is my favorite food, ever. This picture is making me so hungry!

(Please excuse my face, aha.)My Zara jacket, and the bag I bought from a charity shop. :)

Velvet playsuit from Topshop. I wore this when I went out on the night. :)

And thats the scarf I got, but it's not really very interesting, haha.

My over the knee topshop boots I bought a few weeks ago. I still haven't worn them 'cause I'm paranoid I look like a hooker or something :| lmao.
Tomorrow I'm going to London! :D I'll post pictures when I get back on Wednesday! :) xxx


  1. These boots look beautifull on you. And that picture of you with the scarf is really nice, love your eyes there.

  2. love both boots and the scarf suits you a lot, the pic is really beautiful:)


  3. That playsuit is gorgeous. I love the colour! :)

    Is there a charity shop in the metrocentre?


  4. thankss :) i got the stuff from the charity shop in durham, i was there before i went to the metro aha :) xx

  5. Lemon and herb is the best choice! haha. The velvet playsuit is really nice. x

  6. adorable jacket!!! and the boots are cute you should wear them!!

  7. just found your blog! where did you get the lace-ups and the pumps from? and are those over the knee boots the britany?

  8. OKAY! i cannot stress to you how much i LOVEEEEEE your top shop boots! definitely wear them i dont think you will look like a hooker lol! Ooooh how much I want a pair of those now! p.s. very cute blog!

  9. I stumbled across your page after googling these topshop boots! You look fantastic in them! In your opinion, do they run true to size? I completely missed out on the leather thigh version and now have to keep my fingers crossed that they will be re-stocked!

  10. I just want to say how much i love those boots... I got some from there to but they're flats. wear them. you dont look like a hooker i promise


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