Wednesday, 16 December 2009

hello. :)

Okay first I want to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last feels like I haven't blogged for so long! My laptops been playing up again and this is one of the rare times it's working okay so I thought I'd come on here now, haha. Not much has happened since I was last on here, college kicked me out because I was off for two weeks because of what happened with my Dad (How lovley! ¬_¬) so I've basically just been sitting around for a month with not much to do. Waa.
I bought a coat I've been wanting for soo long! It came back in stock so I had to buy it..

(Please ignore the fact my room is a mess and theres a sub of the day leflet stuck on my wall...ahaha.)
Ahh! I've been wearing it almost everyday, hahaha.
And heres a picture of my hair..

That's about all the pictures I've taken latley, sorry! I'm going to take lots at Christmas. :)
Well this post wasn't great but I supose it's better than nothing. :) I'm getting some money soon and I'm going to buy a new macbook, then I'm going to sort my blog out and make it 100x better. :)
Oh and Happy Christmas! :D What's everyone getting this year? :)


  1. I have that coat! I'm living in it in this cold weather! :)
    I'm hopefully getting loads of new clothes for christmas, but I'm also getting leeds tickets, so I don't know. :D


  2. Oww, I just love love love your jacket!
    I was sooo missing your posts!

    I'm sorry about the college thing :(
    What are you going to do?

    Pretty hair! xD

  3. I cant believe your college would do that! Glad you're back :) xxx

  4. your college sounds stupid :L i'm sorry about your dad.

    i really love that coat! hopefully it goes on sale after christmas, i may buy it haha XD those boots go really well with your outfit btw :)

  5. thankssss :) i have no idea what im going to do now ahah :( x

  6. the coat was back in stock on the topshop website last time i looked :)

  7. i love your coat, and tights and hair, and i hope everything gets better with college and stuff (:

  8. hey
    i missed your blogging ;) happy that you are back :)
    i'm sorry for the college stuff. a friend of mine in the us was kicked out too because he missed some weeks too, his mother died...
    btw i like the new coat, hope i'll see it when i'm in london on the weekend! what's the price??


  9. lovelovelove the coat!
    Good to see you back, I found your blog while you were away and fell in love with i'm glad you're going to be writing entries again!

  10. Glad to know that you're posting again :)
    Hope you're alrite :)

    Very nice coat, and love your hair !

  11. great outfit :) I like your blog!

    check it out :

  12. Glad you're back ! and I love that coat ! I actually bought it 'cause it was back in stock too, I'm waiting for it with great impatience !
    As for college, I don't understand how they could do sth like that. I mean, it's not of their business if you go or don't go to school, and considering what happened ... stupid people !!!!
    I love your hair anyway, it's very sweet :)

  13. i love your hair! this might sound weird but could you do like a step to step on it through photos or a video? thanks!!

  14. One of the things I am getting for xmas is that coat! haha A friend texted me saying they had it at the shop in Barcelona (not everything arrives here) and that there was only one left and it was my size, so I bought it hahaha

    I LOVE your hair in that pic (L)

    I was so sorry to read about your loss, hope you're better now, and how lame you've got kicked out of your college, they should be more comprehensive.....

  15. sooo glad your back. ive missed your posts! so harsh what your college did. still your hair and your outfit look amazing and your back!
    merry christmas. x

  16. I'm so glad you're blogging again, hope you're feeling better from your last post.
    i LOVE your hair, is that your natural colour?
    Have a good christmas (:

  17. lovely blog!! I see you like arctic monkeys! haha I love them!
    that coat is beautiful! I WANT IT!

  18. those boots are amazing!! great leggings too

    awesome style

    link exchange?

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  19. Beautiful! Love your style!

    Lovely blog!

  20. You have such a amazing blog :-)
    Love That coat, its legend!

    Panda x
    *follows you*

  21. I'm sorry about you father. :x
    anyway, i love your tights and hair :)

    happy new year,bia.

  22. i've fell in love with your coat and your tights and your hair!

  23. those boots are really your style

    -He approves

    link exchange?

  24. oohh I have the exact same coat, I had to wait for it to come back in stock too , it was like totally awesome when they had it back in the shops , I was like a cliche of a kid in a candy store :) happy new year to you and loving your blog , its very chic !

  25. woaw your hair is so pretty there!!

    With love Jessi


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