Monday, 1 March 2010


The weathers been quite nice these past few days! I can't wait till it's all warm and nice. :) x


  1. beka! im goin to buy those lovely topshop boots but i have some questions im about as tall as you are , only 5'2'' lol. im usualy a size 37 in shoes, these boots are 38, you think those boots would fit me? are they comfy? please answerme on twitter : /fakekonstanza
    or over here ill take a look in a while PLEEAAASEE
    im lookin for the sailor coat as well, ithink you have you lucky gurl!, are you sellin it? ahaha i bet you dont is soo pretty.

  2. this ones!!!! i love this boots, the crappy thing is that with the whole earthquake shit here in chile dont know if i can use my visa just yet , but tell me tell me, are those boots comfy? a size 38 would fit me?
    konst xx

  3. Ahhh i see, they're my favourite shoes ever, and i broke the heel on mine. :( aha. Oh no! are you okay? I feel so bad for everyone there... Yeah they're comfy, I wore mine all the time! i'm a 38 and they fit me perfectly, so i'm sure a size up would be okay, they might be a little bit loose but i doubt it would make much difference. :) xx


i read and appreciate every comment :) so thank you!