Sunday, 16 May 2010

whitby and the party

Me and Robbie drove to Whitby for the afternoon one day this week, it was really nice there I've never been before! We ate fish and chips by the boats. :)
This was on the way back, the drive there and back over the Yorkshire Moors was almost as nice as Whitby, aha.
These were from last night while I was getting ready for Beth and Manda's 18th birthday party. (My cardigans sleeves are tucked in because it was fancy dress and I had no costume so I tried to make a cape...and failed, hahaha.)
Kristian, Manda and Robbie dancing in the hallway, haha. They were dressed as sailors and Robbie was dressed as a french person, ahaha.

I'm going to post some clothes tonight or tomorrow to sell, I would have done it sooner but I've been ill all week. :(


  1. aww lovely ♥


  2. Oh I live near Whitby, it's gorgeous isn't it!! xx

  3. such a lovely party..


  4. wow! so beautiful! *-*


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