Saturday, 19 June 2010

castle eden dene

I live near this big forest, but i've never properly walked through it so me and Robbie had a walk down the footpath, it's actually really nice there, it opened out to lots of cliffs over the sea. :)
The beach!
Robbie on a path that got smaller and smaller.
Aha, I look really weird, oh well!
Right on the edge of the cliff, it was really windy. D:
Pulling some stupid face cause I hate people taking photos of me, ahahaha.
I can't even remember what I was doing...
the viaduct, it's huuuuge.
A tinnnny bunny that stopped in he middle of the path till we got the camera out, uuuugh it's so cute. I really want a pet bunny but my cat would try and eat it. :(


  1. i have a little bunny and two dogs...and now, they are all friends :)...and you look nice :))

  2. awww! theres loadsss that live on a filed near my house, i want to take one so bad, ahhaahhaha :') x

  3. the photo of the viaduct is awesome. xxx

  4. You look stunning in that first pic of you in particular! Loving the bigger pics too xx

  5. So adorable! This looks like such a lovely walk! And bunnies =)

  6. I love what your wearing.
    aaand that bridge looks like the one in Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets? :L:L

  7. I just discovered this blog and I really love it. Your outfit is perfect!

    xx fesi-fashion

  8. adore the pictures

  9. i love that gray cardigan! I'm in love with cardigans right now. you have great taste!

    keep in touch :)

  10. pretty outfit.
    oh my, that bunny too cute ;)

  11. First timer – great blog !
    Please check out my blog for my fashion finds & behind the scenes at my photoshoots!


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