Tuesday, 24 August 2010

i hate titles

These are the first new things i've bought since Febuary! (Apart from the shoes, aha.)

I know I say this every time but I'm so sorry I don't update this blog more often! I don't really get the opportunity to take pictures, and when I do they usually turn out so rubbish that i just end up deleting them, aha. I need to find a good place to take them too, my room is rubbish!

Anyways I have to finish typing and watch this ultimate big brother, I can't believe they've put a divorced couple in there, ahahaha how awkward!


  1. Your handbag is so cute ... and the dress is beautiful !

  2. really pritty! wheres the jacket, dress and bag from? x

  3. I love that dress!! And as for your fluffy kitty!

    I love your blog and I would love for you to be a follower!



  4. thanks :) everythings from topshop, aha :) x

  5. You look stunning! The dress is lovely.

    Oh and by the way- your hair is amazing.

  6. you're so beautiful! and your bag is really adoreable!

    rufus is the cutest cat I have ever seen. I showed your last post to simply every friend and freak out everytime i saw the pictures haha

  7. hi! i love ur style!! what size of jkt did u get? i have it 2 in an 8 and im normally a 6 to 8 but r the arms really tight on u? or is it jus me lol...also when i zip it it looks dead tight...pls say its small fitting lol xx


i read and appreciate every comment :) so thank you!