Tuesday, 31 August 2010

sequined dress

Dress: Topshop Boutique. Lookbook: Here!

Every few months I stare at this dress as I'm about to put it on eBay, try it on 'for the last time' and decide I just can't sell it. I've only worn it twice, but it's just so amazing I can't seem to let it go...
Anyways as I was only going to my Nanna's house yesterday for dinner I decided to change into something more practical, aha.

Jumper: Vintage. Shorts: H&M. Bag: Topshop.

On Sunday I tidied all of my bedroom and ended up recycling most of my ridiculous magazine collection.
I never buy weekly magazines anymore, so I just kept my Elles and Vogues. And now I have an extra place to sit in my room! Haha.

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  1. i love all your clothes! don't sell that dress, its a classic :P hehe


  2. That dress is pretty stunning! Don't sell it! Haha I have the same problem with my magazines but I chucked a load out a few weeks ago, I felt so liberated by it, ha! xx

  3. I think you should sell it then I can buy it ;)


  4. THE TOPSHOP DRESS IN THE FIRST PICTURE IS SO SO SO PERFECT!!! Are you still thinking about selling it because I would DIE for it!!!


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