Thursday, 14 October 2010


Dress: Christopher Kane for Topshop. Cardigan: Topshop. Lookbook: Here!

Took these pictures yesterday but I didn't get a chance to post them, I kept falling asleep all day, aha.

I've lost the little thing that attaches to the bottom of my camera so it fits onto my tripod, so I've been sort of balancing my camera on the top of my tripod till I find it. I hope I find it soon because I can see myself knocking it off and breaking it. :(

I've took some suggestions into consideration for the blog, such as a what to wear post, recent purchases and wishlist of things I want. I'm not too sure an the first two, I'll give them a go though! I know the recent purchases would be easy, but I haven't bought something new in sooo long. But when I get something I'll post! As for the wishlist...I have one about a mile long, aha. I'll post that soon!

If anyone else has some suggestions I'll be happy to try them! I can think of a few myself but I'd rather my readers came up with them as you are the ones reading my blog...if that makes any sense, haha.


  1. Really love this dress x

  2. I love this dress!!!
    I have the same belt! It's by H&M?
    Uh. ...And the coat's back is wonderful!

  3. love the coat :) and as for a suggestion... vlog? :) x

  4. your style is absolutely perfect! love it :)

  5. love your style, amazing dress!

    come by

  6. How about make up tutorials? love your natural yet lovely look!

  7. the dress combined with that cardigan looks simply gorgeous! loving the colour of the cardigan <3 ²



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