Saturday, 23 October 2010

new buys

Coat: River Island. Cardigan: Vintage. Bag: Charity shop. Rings: eBay.

Me and Robbie went to Durham yesterday. We walked along the riverside for a bit, then we had a look around the shops and when everywhere had closed we went and got hot chocolates from esquires. :-)

I ordered these rings from eBay on Monday. They're so nice! there was 12 altogether but some of them are a little too big. Never mind!

I'm going to do an outfit post tonight, sorry I haven't updated much this week, I haven't really had a chance!


  1. Wow, that bag is really great. And you just never know what you find in charity shops, they are great.
    Very lovely buys ;) And the rings are so fitting for you.

  2. the best thing about the bag is the inside, it has so many compartments and a mirror, and it was only £2! thank you. :-)

  3. So Jealous of that coat!! Gorgeous Purchases!! x

  4. great purchases, the rings really look lovely!

    i sent you a mail some weeks ago, because of the topshop jacket with the sheep collar - i ended up buying another one when i went to cologne. next time i'm in london i hopefully find something great at topshop(& then i'll try the sizes to know what i have to order xD)
    thanks again! eva from germany ;)

  5. Gorgeous rings, and I love the bag as well. Great finds! x

  6. this jacket is amazing, as are the rings.

  7. wow, where are the rings from - could you link me to the eBay seller? they are stunning x

  8. i don't think they have anymore rings up, but just search vintage rings on ebay and there's loads. :-) x


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