Friday, 26 November 2010


Coat: River Island. Bag: Charity Shop. Lookbook: Here.

I'm sure everyone in the UK knows about the crazy amount of snow that has fallen in the past few days, especially in the North East where I I wrapped up very warm today! Everyone seems to be getting annoyed at it now but I'm still jumping up and down like a 7 year old at the sight of it, aha. The only bad thing is driving in it, I almost crashed into a fence in my street yesterday; but I was only driving at about 2mph so it was more amusing than frighting! I'm going to make a snowman later, aha. :-D


  1. I love your coat, I always stroke this when I see it in the shop because its so soft lol

  2. very pretty!

    what's charity shop?

  3. The other day I found your blog and I got lost in it. I really liked it, so I decided to elect you as my ‘Blogger of the Month’. If you want to come by and check it out I would be glad.

    PatriciaSilver *

  4. I looove your coat! <3 Looks like so nice, what a pitty that river island doesn`t ship in Finland... ahahhaha...


  5. Have fun! I am living in the south east of England and unfortunately it is not snowing there...

    Gorgeeeous coat. Snow, fur, cosy duvet and hot chocolates. Yes I love winter!

  6. vicky: i used to go in the shop just to stroke it before i bought it, hahaha.

    anon: a one in hartlepool, i think it was barnardos. :-)

    PatriciaSilver: thank you! i'll have a look now. :-)

    A Glamorous Way of Thinking: im sure it will snow there soon! it's suposed to be like this for 2 weeks. D:

  7. coat looks ammazzzing on you!

  8. oh..i'm in love with your coat...!!!!!

  9. Love that coat and bag together.
    The snow's awful, I have no shows with grip so I keep slipping over, fairly embarrassing haha ♥

  10. Wow great coat and bag! Like your blog, hope you will participate the giveaway on my blog?! :)

  11. cool outfit!
    charity shops are amazing aren't they?? :D

    Check out our fashion illustrations at ! = )


  12. Ah, I was just drooling over that coat today! I just found your blog, I really love your style and I have been looking for more British/English blogs.

  13. so jealous, been lusting over this coat for ages!
    lovely blog <3


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