Friday, 19 November 2010


Skirt: ASOS. T-Shirt: Topshop. Lookbook: Here.

I got this skirt from ASOS when I bought the peter-pan collar dress I wore in the last post, I really loved it on the website but I think it looks a bit weird on me. Never mind I'm still going to wear it!

My Mam is in a huge huff with me because I "answered the phone while I was driving AND THAT'S ILLEGAL" ahaha. I had already pulled over and stopped the car before I answered it but you know... -_- So basically she screamed at me in the middle of my Nanna's street for absolutely no reason. Sigh! I can't win with her, aha.

I went to Hartlepool and bought a lovley new bag, cardigan and really disgustingly good purple velvet shirt, haha. The joys of charity shops! I got a faux fur coat too but it's a little too big on me so I think I'm just going to sell it on eBay. :-(

Now I'm going to go to Robbie's house to watch TV all night. :-)


  1. i love the style of that skirt its so pretty :)

  2. such a good t-shirt :)

  3. Skirt is lush. Is it suede? I really like your looks. Now following you.

    Helen, x

  4. Excellent outfit! I love the skirt!

  5. i dont think it looks weird. i like how you combined it with the darker tee cos the skirt is sort of prim (i mean that in a good way too)
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  6. I loove your style! You always wear such incredible outfits!


  7. love that outfit, i think the skirt looks lovely x

  8. that skirt is so nice! I love the colour and the cut of it! It really suits you!


    (Chanel giveaway once I hit 100 followers)

  9. great pics...
    I've just found your lovely!
    i will come back soon...
    take a look on my blog if you want


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