Wednesday, 1 December 2010

leopard print

Shirt and Shorts: Vintage. Coat: River Island. Lookbook: Here.

Looking pretty weird/creepy in the second photo, aha! I only took these two pictures as I was in a hurry so they'll have to do. It was freezing cold again so I have 3 pairs of tights and a pair of socks on today!

Nothing much has happened since yesterday, me and Robbie went to McDonalds, sat in his house for a few hours then spent the rest of the night throwing snowballs at a fence to try and create some sort of picture, hahaha. I'm still not sick of the snow, I want it to snow even more so I don't have to go to the dentist on Monday :-( aha.


  1. This is really gorgeous, love how you've mixed the leopard print and polka dots :)

    Also totally agree on the snow, I love it so much!

    Alex xxx

  2. I love that coat. I want the snow to get really thick so my boyfriend's college closes and we have an excuse to be lazy and lie in bed all day. ♥

  3. Ah leopard cool. Love the outfit!


  4. that coat is perfect!

  5. Love your blouse. Especially with the leopard print x

  6. ooooo, even with the million pairs of tights, weren't the shorts a bit too cold? definitely ambitious!
    love the spotty blouse, but i especially love the fur coat. it looks so comfy and warm :) x

  7. omg could you be any prettier! i want your coat please haha xx

    ps. from the north east too!

  8. amamamamamamazing coat!

    check out my giveaway! :)


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