Saturday, 4 December 2010


Jumper: Asda. Shorts: H&M. Scarf: H&M. Lookbook: Here.

I've been sat here for about 5 minutes thinking of something to write about other than the snow, haha. It's still here and It's still very cold! I took these photos yesterday, I haven't done much today, but I have finally put the Christmas tree up!

I got my £500 of backdated carers allowance a few days ago so I've done almost all of my Christmas shopping and I got a few things for a giveaway for the blog. :-) I'll post the details etc once they arrive!

I spent ages doing my nails earlier and even though they aren't perfect I was quite pleased...until I read a letter sent to me by the dentist with details of my appointment tomorrow saying I must take off any nail polish. FML. ;| Oh well, I can do them again tomorrow! I'm going under sedation so I'm not allowed to drive, make food...even boil the kettle for 24 hours! Sad face.


  1. wow, i know i say this every time but you really are stunning!
    That sucks about the dentist, but at least you've managed to enjoy your nails for a little while! xo

  2. aw thank you. :-) haha yeah, i'll do them better tomorrow! (or worse becuase i'll be out of it, ahaha.) xxx

  3. your nails look gorgeous booo that you have to take it all off though:(
    hope all goes well at the dentist! i bloody hate the dentist, but thats only cause my is an evil human ha xx

  4. That is rubbish about the dentist. What on earth kind of treatment are you getting that your going 'under'?

    Fantastic outfit choice though!


    (Chanel giveaway when I hit 100 followers)

  5. they need my nails to be clear so they can monitor my oxygen levels by the colour of them or something. (I googled it earlier on, haha.)
    thanks. :-) xx

  6. Hope the dentist goes well. You look beautiful - I especially like your jumper it's so nice! xo

  7. I love that jumper! And also the pop of mustard. You look great.

    Good luck at the dentist!

  8. love your hair, is that your natural colour or dyed? so pretty xx

  9. I loved your shorts,your hair color its amazing.
    Cold there?here its so hot :c

  10. You are really gorgeous, and your outfits are the sweetess thing ever (:
    i'm totally following you darling

  11. I love the jumper you're wearing, and from asda?! I may just have to take a visit sometime soon! It looks super warm.

    Hope it all goes ok at the dentist!


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  13. oh wow, i love this outfit!
    i still have to get some christmas presents xD i'm sure i will still be busy till the 24st in the morning with getting the last presents, packing etc :D

  14. I love that your jumpers from Asda, what a find! Don't you think it's so boring when everyone just runs to Topshop??
    I love shopping around and finding things in places you wouldn't expect!
    My secret is the H&M Kids department..I love it. And i'm almost positive I don't dress like a child!

  15. aha i do! i used to be like that, only shopping at topshop...then i realised it was silly and i could get things just as good for sooo much cheaper, aha.
    aha i love the kids department! everything is cheaper there too xx

  16. I love how the mustard scarf breaks the outfit up. It also looks very cosy! Oww, shame about the dentist love. Hope it went well. You look beautiful. Have a good week.

  17. You look beautiful! Stylish woman :)
    Just found your blog today.


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