Monday, 13 December 2010

sequins & beads

Dress: Charity shop. Lookbook: Here.

This is one of the dresses I got from a charity shop last Friday. I loveee it but it's a little bit too short. I wore shorts underneath just in case! The other dress I got is so lovley, it's a mint green colour with gorgeous buttons and a midi length pleated skirt. I'm a bit scared to wear it 'cause I'm pretty short so I'm not sure the length would suit me...I might wear it before the snow comes back if I'm brave! I know you're all probably sick of pictures of my nails now, so I won't take anymore unless I do them a different colour or pattern, haha.

I'm taking Rufus to the vets again tomorrow to get his boy parts removed, aha. I feel really bad because he's running around all happy and he has no idea whats going to happen tomorrow, the poor thing!


  1. Those nails! I love them! And I also love that eye ring that I can see!!


  2. I love the pictures of the nails!

  3. i love the style of your photos! also this dress is gorgeous, can't believe you've picked this dress up in a charity shop - it looks like it'd be £200 in topshop! xxx

  4. amazing nails and beaaaautiful dress! x

  5. Hi Bekah,
    I just wanna ask you, if you dye your hair, because a few times ago your hair is much darker (i have seen it on your photos).
    Well, which is your natural hair color and if your haircolor now is not natural, how did you dye it?
    I wanna dye my hair in a kind of yours, but the hairsdresser told me (because i dyed my dark brown hair already in a kind of brown), that the result couldn't be like I prefere to have, even then its very expensive..
    I hope you can help me :-)

  6. What a lovely dress.. for some reason it reminds me of Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles. Must be the gold.
    I also really like your rings and those nails are still as inspiring as the last post they featured in. x

  7. Marie: i used to dye my hair dark brown, but I stopped about 2 years ago, and my natural colour grew back in as the dye faded. so it's all my natural colour now. :-)

    i would just leave your hair! i'm sure your natural colour is lovley. :-) i used to obsessively dye my hair and it was in such bad condition, it was so dry and brittle. now that ive stopped it's really soft, grows faster etc :-)

  8. That dress is probably one of the best charity shop finds I've seen posted! Looks like a nifty £100+ number from Topshop! Love your nails and rings (:

  9. gorgeous dress! and i can't get enough of your space nails!

  10. Woah, that dress looks amazing! I love your nails and your rings too (: You're gorgeous!

  11. the detail on the dress is just so christmassy, and stunning x


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