Friday, 29 July 2011


Dress: Motel Rocks via Love Clothing. Necklace: Love Clothing. Lookbook: Here.

Sorry for not blogging on Tuesday like I said I would! My Nanna hasn't been very well so I've spent a lot of time at her house. She's okay now though! I can't believe how well she is for 91, it's amazing!
La Senza's blog interviewed me for their "Bloggers we Love" section this it here! (I am really bad at answering questions about myself so it's a bit cringey..)

Right! I'm going to spend the rest of my day driving around in the courtesy car I've been given while my car is in for service. I am not letting the £10 petrol I just put in it go to waste. >:(

ps: I apologise about the cat hair on the dress, it's one of those things that just seems to attract the stuff!

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