Thursday, 8 December 2011

08/12/11; Navy.

Dress: Love. Belt: Topshop. Lookbook: Here
It's so windy today! I was parked up in my car by the sea earlier today with Robbie eating McDonalds (classy) and I actually thought the car was about to blow over! The only thing I like about the wind is watching birds try to fly in the opposite direction and going nowhere. Does anyone else find that remotely funny or is it just me...?

Love sent me this lovely midi dress a couple of weeks ago! Not something I'd usually wear (I'm a bit too short for midi dresses, they look slightly weird on me!) but I really like this dress anyway. I haven't had a chance to properly wear it yet and probably wont till spring now because it's freezing and midi dresses/skirts with tights don't really go...

For 20% off at Love use the code DISFORDANGEROUS20
Valid till the end of the month! (31/12/11)

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