Thursday, 16 February 2012

the little things

1&2: Two lovely little valentines day surprises from Robbie. :-) He made me a surprise meal of all my favourite food too!

3&4: I am/was in February's issue of Elle Girl Korea, crazy! For people who cant read Korean; It's about me and my favourite bags...

5: I have a new edition to my skincare routine: I caved and bought the Clarisonic Mia. (Oops!) After reading so many good reviews I um'ed and ah'ed for ages because the price was so steep. Then last week I saw a tweet Emma posted saying buyapowa had a co-buy on it and only ended up paying £90 when the RRP is £120. Plus I paid by paypal which doesn't feel like real money so I didn't feel too guilty... I don't want to write how amazing it is until I have used it for a while as I tend to try something, get too excited, think it's amazing and then realise it actually isn't after a while...But so far so good!

 ps. If you're in the UK and haven't heard of BuyaPowa I seriously suggest you have a look! Its a really good idea; They do 'co-buys' so the more people that buy the products they have on sale the lower the price goes. Going to snap up this Bobbi Brown eyeliner next! I can not deal with the awfulness that is Mac Fluidline any longer...

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