Sunday, 11 March 2012

11/03/12; Green.

Jumper & Jeans: Vero Moda. Bag: Chicwish* Boots: ASOS.
THE SHOES-A. I bought these (along with the jumper and jeans) with £200 of ASOS vouchers I won from Aussie! (I was literally jumping around my bedroom when I found out I won, ha!) They are perfect and I never want them to leave my feet...

Yesterday me and Robbie went to Durham and I fell a tiny bit more in love with it than I was the last time I was there. We found this adorable little house right by the river.... I'm pretty sure no one lives there (the spiderwebs in the windows kind of give it away, ugh!) and now this house is at the top of my "if I win the lottery" list, ha! The only reasonable explanation I can think of for no one living there is the river rose and it flooded, which probably explains all the spiders. Which makes me shudder and want to be a little bit sick... Moving on!

Just before I go I have a little bone to pick with this bag I was sent from Chicwish. I thought it was perfect when I opened the package and couldn't wait to use it! It was the perfect size to fit my camera so I could take it out with me and my macbook fit perfectly in there too. I put my macbook in it to take to Robbie's later that day, put it on my shoulder and the clasp holing the strap snapped in half and the bag and it's contents slammed off my bedroom floor. I was pretty sure that had ended my macbooks life as my old one slid a mere 1 foot off my bed and it broke forever. Luckily it survived (phew!) and I found an old black strap to use for the bag but if my macbook had broke I would have been so upset! You'd think if a bag is big enough to fit a laptop it would hold it!


  1. That bag is lovely, such a shame about the lack of quality. I find it so hard to find bags that hold all my stuff xoxo

  2. Omg that's my biggest fear :'s. genuinely worry everytime I have to take my mac out the house that my bag straps will break. I only take it out if I absolutely have to.

    But macs aren't that heavy really so it makes me think that bag wouldn't have even survived my average bag contents! Pfft Hate when things are badly made xxx


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