Thursday, 26 March 2009


i wish i had things to write about on here! its been really warm for the past week or so (when i say warm, i mean 14°c haha) i went to the beach at south sheilds, even though i live opposite a beach i decided to go the extra 20 odd miles lmao, but it was good :)
oooh i decorate the living room too, and we bought a new sofa, i doubt thats a big deal to anyone else but ive been stuck with the worst sofa in the world for about 9 years and my mam refused to buy a new one till last wednesday : but its here now and its lusssh yey :D
oh and i passed my thoery test yesterday! :D i thought i failed it but i did suprisingly well haha, so not long now till i have my car, im so excited :D

thats me obviously haha, and my cat jack, and a squirrel that lives in my nannas garden, its so cutee!
anyways i think i better go to sleep, i have to get up early and walk to the co-op to get some money for the home help to do the shopping D: byeee :) x

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  1. Well done on your theory test missus :)
    We'll have to come down again soon :)
    Love you xxxx


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