Monday, 30 March 2009


how boredd am i? welll the answer is very ha, and im boiling i have no idea why my room is soo hot aahhh. oh and speaking of my room its the messiest thing ive ever seen.
oh dear lord, i think i better tidy it later.
well my new obsession is lookbook (thanks to bethany ), so now i have yet another website to live on..its dead good everyone should have a look
heree :)
oh the weather was quite nice again! i think winter is finally over :D

thats the view from the living room :)
oh college isnt going so great ha, so i havent been today, i took loads of pictures though so i might aswell post some of them here;

i look so odd on the first one, but it made me realise how long my nails were o.O i should cut them really, but i dont want to.
well anyways i think i better tidy my room, even though its 12:30am lmao, night x

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