Thursday, 2 April 2009


i always end up on here in the early hours of the morning, usually via someone elses blog, which is usually really good, then it makes me realise how crap this one is, haha. im pretty posotive hardly anyone even read this, but still, i should make it less shit lmao. the crap thing is, to make a good blog i think you need to be creative and good at english, which i am not ahahaha.
anyways im watching russell brands ponderland (for the millionth time) and i still find it completly hilarious, i cant belive some people dont find him funny! hahaha.
i was contemplating going to newcastle tomorrow because kate moss' new topshop collection is out, hoping that they just might release the panther dress again, but i doubt it will happen, when it was released first it sold out in 11 minutes! i was so gutted when i found out haha.

i did get the dress on the left a while ago, but the panther dress was the one i really wanted :(

anyways i think i better go, its 2:30am, i think im nocturnal or something hahaha, goodnight :) x

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