Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Christopher Kane & Kate Moss for Topshop

Who else saw the Christopher Kane collection before Topshop ordered everywhere to take the pictures down? Haha. I love almost everything, especially a blue dress and an amazing pair of leggings. I managed to find a picture with the leggings..
Would I ever wear them? Probably not, but I still want them, ahaha. If I find the other pictures floating about anywhere I'll post them later! :)

While I'm on about Topshop I might aswell mention the new Kate Moss for Topshop collection is out tomorrow!

There's some nice things, like that jumper in the picture but nothing that I really, really want, so I'm just saving my money for the Christopher Kane stuff. :)


  1. I love the new Kate Moss collection, it is to die for.. plus how hot does she look on the shoot! I think there are still some photos of the Christopher Kane stuff on my friends blog,

  2. heloo !! I'm so angry cause i realised the dress i bought was the same as yours! ! i really didn't see that before ! I like said ... her dress is really pretty it reminds me of something ... and than i went to days ago on my online account and looked again at what i bought and i was like... no wait ... nooooooo rrrrr i'm angry i hate having the same things than the others i hate it so bad ! So i won't put pictures of this one not on my blog ! Bisous and sorry again :S

  3. p.s. i forgot to say that moss was wonderful !

  4. that jumper is cool, perhaps I shall ebay for a cheaper one...
    oh my god the christopher kane collection looks so good, I must admit I am very excited

  5. why is topshop just so amazing?? i don't know but i wish i had one here in the states that was closer to me than NYC. Ah kate looks so pretty in the pictureS!

  6. I gave in and got the dress with flame detail and mesh front on it. It's the only decent dress from the collection and looks amazing on!
    The rest of it is very poor.


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