Sunday, 16 August 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts. I've had a reaalllly boring week so there was nothing to blog about. Oh I did go bowling with my friend Shelli though, and I won! :P
Here's some pictures from Friday. :)

My new jumper. :D

I hate my nose sooooo much. :|

I bought the shoes in the last picture last week but I don't like them anymore so I'm taking them back, haha.

Oh and I'm finally in the middle of putting loadsss of old clothes on Ebay, so could you all have a look? :) I need the money, haha. There's not many on now, I'll put the rest up in the next few days. :)


  1. I would love to have your nose instead of mine, it's lovely!
    And I'll check out your ebay, I love second hand clothes haha

  2. :O Love your style :)
    + you're so pretty
    Why do you hate your nose?

  3. You always wear lovely lovely clothes. Where do you buy everything from?

    I looked at your ebay, and was very gutted I don't fit in such small sizes! Haha :)


  4. my nose is soo horrible its really bumpy i think i broke it in year 7 hahaha.
    hmm, most of my clothes are from topshop cause im too lazy to go out/no one will come shopping with me so i just order everything online lmao.

  5. Hey, I love the shoes :D but there are no shoes on your e-Bay account.. ?! :D Cheers from Germany

  6. i dont have any shoes to sell sorryy, i love them too much :') i was just going to return those shoes for diffrent ones haha xx

  7. Whats the link to your ebay? Ill deffo have look you have such amazing stuff!
    I hate my nose aswell, I think everyone hates there own!
    but you look beautiful so you shouldnt! :)

    :) some of the things are crap but i might aswell put them up aswell haha

    aw thanks :) xxxxx

  9. hi ! I wanted to ask you a question... so i leave in to france :) and i wanted to buy things online on topshop the other day but im not sure about the size to take cause here it's not the same size and i'm always a bit worried when i buy things on the net .. i hate it :P so i saw you bought some stuff... can you tell me like... if the 6 is very small or okay.. i think i'm a bit less thin than you are... yuk i look cripy huh !? lol i'm sorry for the weird question :)

  10. well i usually buy a 6 and it fits me fine so you should be okay with a 6 :) xxx

  11. first, your nose is fine. it's cute. i like it. hah
    second, you ahve beautiful hair!
    3. love the outfits


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