Sunday, 9 August 2009

hello :)

I feel like I haven't updated for so long! It's cause I left my camera at my friends house for a week, it seemed like a year! Hahaha.
I wont bore everyone with what i did (or should I say didn't) do all week, but here's some pictures I took with my crap little camera..

Oooo, I sorted out all under my bed, and this is what I found...
58 issues of Vogue and Elle, about 20 issues of other magazines like Tatler and Harpers Bazaar, and about 150 issues of Look, grazia and more magazine, hahaha. I can't throw them away! But at least my room is clean now, haha.

Today I looked through loads of photo slides of my family from the 60's and 70's, I loved them! They were so interesting. Me and my Auntie were trying to steal loads without my Nanna noticing so we could use them at her 90th birthday, hahaha. I can't belive my Nannas nearly 90! x


  1. magazines <3 i have way too many. some hardly read.
    i'm scared to open my half wardrobe full of them!
    where are those boots from darling? there lush!

  2. your room is so neat...jealous. loving your boots, as per usual.

  3. Those boots are gorgeous :)
    God, I can't imagine having that many magazines - I'd have no space left in my room! I always tear out my favourite pages & throw the rest away, how wasteful :/

  4. thanksss :), my boots are from urban outfitters :) xxx

  5. what about nylon? love that magazine!

    very neat room.

  6. i cant find anywhere that sells nylon! :( x

  7. i hate when you find all old magazines ahah, i never know what to do with them.
    you can get NYLON in whsmith, at least, thats where i usually get it.
    and as usual, your boots are gorgeous. x

  8. ooh them first 4 pictures are so lovely :) wish you were coming back to college bekah!! xx

  9. You can get Nylon in big whsmiths stores btw :D but now every does them :(
    Haha my room looks like that, millionssss of mags everwhere!
    You look beautiful in the first pic!

  10. Love your tunic (dress?) and boots <3!
    Wow, You have loads of magazines! I do too ^^!

  11. I used to have that many magazines, but on a spur of the moment decided to chuck 80% of them out, seriously regretting it now! I love your boots :)


  12. More magazines! :]

    And I love your shoes!


  13. Oh how theraputic...I think i should do that to my mags soon...Half of them are probably in pieces though because I love to cut out and collage :D

    Your pussycat is sooo adorable!


  14. You are so beautiful =]

    And look and more magazines are the best! They are so cheap and have such affordable fashion finds inside!

    much love x

  15. oh my gosh! i'm jealous of your collection of magazines!


i read and appreciate every comment :) so thank you!