Thursday, 22 September 2011

22/09/2011; black

Dress: Love Clothing. Necklace: Zara Taylor. Lookbook: Here.
This dress is really nice in real life but I just couldn't get a good photo of it (probably should have ironed it first, but I flipping hate irons) it either looked like a bin bag or made me look pregnant. -_- I'll try and capture all it's glory another time! (and maybe invest in one of those steamer thingys.)

I know I write this all the time but I'm sorry I'm not blogging very much. I keep trying to take pictures but they come out all wrong. I feel like my face has changed, I look really weird! I think the bump in my nose is playing up; it look different and I'm getting awful headaches every other night. :-( Sigh! Anyways I have lots more free time to blog now as Robbie has started a new job so I will make use of it by blogging instead of moping around the house all day!

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