Tuesday, 27 September 2011

27/09/2011; Pink

Jumper & Dress: Topshop. Necklace: Zara Taylor. Lookbook: Here.
Spent the day in Middlesbrough today. My Mum had to go there so we decided to have a look around the shops, but after 2 hours of pushing her around and finding nothing to buy we decided to give up, go home and eat ice cream and chocolate with a load of raspberries. (omnomnom)
This lovely necklace was sent to me by Zara Taylor. I love the fact it is actually a tiny little magnifying glass! Her jewellery is so nice, you should all have a look. :-)
I had an idea the other day! I love painting my nails and people seem to like them so I was wondering if I painted some false nails would any of you buy them? (Posts with pictures of my nails are Here and my TwitPic has a lot of pictures of them too.) It would give me something to do and Robbie and I are going to Stockholm in December (yay) so I need to save a some money up!

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