Wednesday, 5 October 2011

05/10/11; Warm.

Dress: Motel Rocks. Backpack: Ebay. Lookbook: Here.
Wasn't last week amazing? I don't know where that weather came from but I'd like it to come back! I got a chance to wear my lovely Motel dress (and too much factor 50 suncream) one last time before the cold weather forces me to wear a coat. Robbie and I sat on a field and ate fish and chips and lots of sweets. :-) We went to Durham on Saturday and Monday was my Mum's 50th which is why I haven't posted much! I'll post pictures from then tomorrow. :-)

I think I'll do that nail thing I mentioned in the last post! I just need to buy the things and I'll get it set up. I'll also post the cookie dough recipe I promised ages ago soon! I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator...

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