Monday, 7 November 2011

07/11/11; Spots.

Dress: New Look. Necklace: Ever Ours. Lookbook: Here.
I was recently invited to take part in Voucher Codes's 'A Day In a Dress' challenge. Basically you wear a party dress for a day and see how it holds up! I chose this dress from New Look. I know it's not necessarily a ~party dress~ but it's something I would wear to a party and something I could wear during the day too which is what I like!

I was a little bit disappointed when I got the dress because I imagined it to be a nice thick cotton judging from the pictures and it was polyester. (I should have noticed it said 100% polyester in the description...) The static electricity it caused made the dress cling to me which is something I can't stand!
I decided to wear in on Friday as that is when I'm most busy but after a few minutes in the dress the static electricity was bothering me so much I ended up angrily taking the dress off in some sort of furious static charged rage, threw on a jumper and trusty denim shorts and got on with my day.

Sunday came around and I decided to give the dress another go. I expected the crackling sound of the static but instead the dress just slipped on and stayed like that! No clinging and no fear of touching anything metal, hooray! (I promise to stop talking about static electricity now...) It held up pretty well all day and the material didn't bother me one bit. I was expecting to be freezing as it is quite thin but it actually kept me quite warm, it's well made and fits me really well. The price (£29.99) is reasonable too.
All in all a nice dress but I can't help but think how much better it would be if it was made from cotton or wool!

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