Friday, 25 November 2011

25/11/11; Red.

Dress: AX Paris. Shoes: Love Clothing. Ring: Rock 'n Rose.
I've always been under the impression that redheads can't wear red. Apparently red clothes and ginger hair will clash... I can't even remember who or what told me that I could never wear red but I seem to have stuck with it for years and shoved away anything red like I wasn't allowed to wear it!
It was only earlier this year I tried on a gorgeous red topshop dress (that was sadly out of my price range) and decided that that this "rule" was in fact bullshit. (I had to..)

Anyways... When AX Paris very kindly offered to send me a dress of my choice I decided to choose something red! Not the most flattering of pictures today as the lighting was pretty bad in my room when I took these but they'll do!

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