Thursday, 9 February 2012

09/02/12; Green.

Coat: Topshop. Jeans: Cheap Monday. Boots: Russell & Bromley. (Ignore the ugly mittens, it was freezing!)
I feel like a really bad blogger! I haven't updated properly in 2 weeks. I've been quite busy and have to leave the house in 15 minutes so I'll keep this short! These pictures are from Sunday when it had snowed the day before. (Yay!) Even though it had pretty much melted we still decided to take a few pictures because I wanted to make the most of it! Well the jokes on me because most of it is still here...

So in the past two weeks I have: Painted lots of nails (There's still a few left to order so email me if you would like a set!), received quite a few packages from the post man, celebrated my Nanna's 92nd birthday, drank a lot of tea and done a lot of washing up! Robbie bought me this amazing coat from the topshop sale a few weeks ago too; isn't it lovely!

I'll get back on track posting after the weekend; we have lots of family coming since it was my Nanna's birthday Yesterday so I'll be quite busy for the next couple of days! Hope you all have had a nice 2 weeks! x

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  1. Hi im korean and i love your fashion♥
    And i like your blog, too


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