Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I've been thinking this up for a while. I had so many people commenting on my nails when I had done them, so I thought up an idea of painting false ones to sell! I was all set until I realised a few other people had done it which put me off quite a bit...
Anyway a couple of months past and I left thee idea in the back of my mind until someone left me a lovely little question on formspring saying I should do it! So I decided I would...

I've just kept it simple for this little "trial run" so there will only be 6 different designs to start with:
Top row L-R: Floral 1, Floral 2, Aztec. Bottom Row: Space, Leopard, Glitter Gradient.

If you'd like to order a set please email me at: with nails + the design you would like as the subject and I will send you the different colour options and more information! They come in sets of 12 nails are £3.50 + 50p P+P.  I can only take paypal at the moment!
There's only limited sets available so if you're interested please email me asap!

Unfortunately since this is just a trial there is no nail glue included. It's very easy to find in shops so I'm hoping it wont be a problem for now!

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