Friday, 27 January 2012

27/01/12; Curls.

Dress: Romwe.
I'm having a love/hate relationship with my fringe at the moment. A part of me wants to grow it out and a part of me feels naked without it… I suppose I get the best of both with my hair like this but it's a bit of a bitch to keep in place! I decided to rag curl my hair last night (After watching We'll Take Manhattan and wanting to cut my hair short and wear vintage clothes forever...) but I would never cut my hair so rag curls it was! They make my hair shorter and give it loads of volume and the curls are amazing from something so simple. The only downside is they drop out so fast. Sad face.
I would write a bit more but I'm at my Nanna's house and the internet keeps dropping so I better just keep it short today!


  1. Beeeeautiful! :D such bounce and youthfulness in your curles! Rag curling is something I've always meant to do, thanks for inspiring me!
    You look beautiful in that dress too, reminds me of jean shrimpton in last nights tv show ;) Xx

  2. nice hair! I've always wanted to grow my hair long, but it just takes forever! i am a new blogger so visit me!!


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