Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Haircare Favourites: Part 1- Shampoo + Conditioner.

First of all I used to be quite lazy with my hair. I'd wash and condition it with the really old Herbal Essences range (the only one my Mum wouldn't moan about...) and that was all! I've really enjoyed trying new things and realising how much difference certain products make!
  Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo* + John Frieda Luxurious Volume conditioner*
 These two work a treat to just give my hair a good wash. I tend to leave my hair a bit too long in between washing (gross) because it feels like such a chore...I love having long hair but sometimes it's a pain to clean! These leave my hair squeaky clean, soft and not at all weighed down. Plus the Aussie shampoo smells incredible!

John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo & Conditioner* + Deep Conditioner*
While I was excited to try these I wasn't sure they'd work for me. The range is designed for damaged hair but I was told it works great for dry ends which is something I suffer from! The first time I used the shampoo and conditioner I used far too much and my hair felt greasy and gross after about 6 hours. I just thought these products weren't really for me as my hair's in fairly good condition (bar the ends..). I decided to give it another go about a week later and used much less product and the difference was incredible! My hair was so shiny! It's never been shiny! I must have stood in a mirror for at lest 5 minutes flicking my hair around admiring the shine...Ha! The Deep Conditioner is is great for giving the ends of my hair a bit of extra moisture when they're looking dry and awful! I like to use these once a week just to give my hair a bit of TLC; I've found my hair gets greasy quite quickly if I use them regularly.

All of the John Frieda Full Repair range smells gorgeous, but they're all driving me insane because the smell is so familiar but I can't figure out what it reminds me of! At first, while reading The Sunday Girl, I saw she mentioned it smelled of Hugo Deep Red which made me run (literally) to the nearest bottle to check. After shouting "YESSSS" (and getting weird looks from my Mother) I was sure that was what it smelled of but a few days later in Debenhams I decided to smell Deep Red to check and it wasn't as similar as I though! I had some sort of epiphany about a week ago in the shower that screamed to me IMPULSE BODY SPRAY!!1 (Which reminds me of being 15..) but I'm still not 100%! This has been driving me round the bend. If anyone can put their finger on the smell please, please tell me...
Since posting my halo plait post a while back I've been lucky enough to receive a few hair related things as gifts or for review so I thought I'd post my current favourites in a little 'series' of hair related posts! Please note that the fact I was sent some of these products isn't going to change my own opinion on them and I will be completely honest!

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