Tuesday, 3 April 2012

03/04/12; Floral.

Dress: Topshop* (C/O of Style Compare).
I obviously took these pictures last week because now it's snowing here in lovely, lovely England. Last week: 20°c. This week: Snow. HOW? WHY?! Today I've stayed snuggled under a blanket eating Dominos with Robbie trying to avoid going outside at all costs.

I've been lucky enough to take part in this months Style Challenge at Style Compare! If you could vote for me I'd be very grateful... You can vote here. :-) I really love the dress I chose, I was a bit put off by it first as it was a bit too long; but after taking the hem up a couple of inches it's perfect! I can't wait till it's warm again so I can wear it...


i read and appreciate every comment :) so thank you!