Monday, 23 April 2012

Haircare Favourites: Part 3- Tools.

Babyliss Powerlite Hairdryer*:
 I've needed a new hairdryer for years. I bought my old one simply for the fact I liked the lights on the side about 8 years ago and it really had seen better days (see it here). It still worked but it was on it's last legs! when Hairtrade offered me a chance to review something this was the first thing I thought of because I really needed a new one! I love that it looks all sleek and professional and it dries my hair so much faster than my old one. It's a lot lighter and it makes such a softer sound than any other hairdryer I've heard before; It's more of a "hooooooo" than a "WEEEE!!" (Yep, I just wrote that..) I think it's a bargain! The only problem I have with it is the cool button: It's in a bit of an awkward place and I find myself pressing it by accident a lot!

Tangle Teezer.
I never got the fuss with this because I couldn't see how it would be any different to a normal brush or comb (minus the shape). I was so wrong! I picked this up with a boots voucher I had left over from Christmas a few months ago and haven't even used my old brush since. Honestly it's incredible! I have no idea how it de-tangles my crazy hair but it does... I used to spend so long trying to get knots out of my hair and this thing just brushes them out straight away. IT'S AMAZING. I'm even tempted to buy the cats one...
Since posting my halo plait post a while back I've been lucky enough to receive a few hair related things as gifts or for review so I thought I'd post my current favourites in a little 'series' of hair related posts! Please note that the fact I was sent some of these products isn't going to change my own opinion on them and I will be completely honest!

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