Thursday, 31 May 2012

31/05/12; Sunshine

Jumper: Tosphop | Shorts: Vintage
We took these on Sunday when the weather was really lovely (it's awful now of course...). We found a beautiful place in our town and spent so long exploring it; we had a little picnic and I pulled every muscle in my stomach thinking I was still the gymnast I was when I was 12. Ouch.

I wen't to Wakefield with my Mum and Robbie on Saturday to go visit my auntie which was nice. We had dinner outside in the sunshine and went to an art gallery which was interesting! I also picked up a pair of Topshop trousers I've been wanting for so long in the sale for £10! I spent ages trying to find them in my size when they were full price so I'm chuffed!

In other news I HAVE A JOB!! It's an apprenticeship at a graphic design company and I'm so thrilled because it's an amazing opportunity! I just found out I got it today... I start in a few weeks and I can't wait! Eeeek!


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