Monday, 9 January 2012

09/01/12; Buckles.

Shoes: Jeffery Campbell c/o Zalando
Well! There was a full length outfit picture but flickr wont show it full sized, so it doesn't fit right on this blog post. Grr! I've uploaded it to lookbook so see it here.

Had a walk around the local park yesterday evening with Robbie, we took loads of photos but when I got home and looked through most of them were blurry! It was pretty much dark while we were there so at least some worked out. I need to learn how to use my cameras manual setting... I love the park but it always makes me sad that I don't live in the beautiful houses opposite, maybe one day! (I wish.)

Zalando very kindly sent me these lovely shoes a few weeks ago. I've wanted a pair like this for ages (Remember these Vivienne Westwood beauties?) so when these arrived I was chuffed! They're so comfy and I can't wait till summer so I can wear them with a nice dress and bare legs.

Was going to spend my day being productive but I've been sat in bed with a headache all day, weep! It'll have to be done tomorrow instead. :-( Hope you all had a good weekend! x

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