Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christmas Presents!

1. Cat ring holders (!), 2. Liz Earle Skin Essentials, 3. Liz Earle Body Try-Me kit, 4. Friends box Set, 5. A book by Noel Fielding, 6. Models Own Sterling Silver and Magenta Pearl.
1. How adorable are the cat ring holders, they have little bells and everything! Now I just need more rings to fill them up...
2&3. After hearing nothing but good things about Liz Earle's Cleanse and polish I decided to see what it would do to my terrible skin. I ordered a little try-me kit and my skin actually ended up better by the time they had ran out. Eeep! This was the only thing I could think of that I wanted for Christmas so my Mum got me the full sized ones and they came with a little body try-me kit too! I wasn't too fussed about the body things but after using the body scrub and body cream (Haven't tried the others yet!) I am sold. I was so skeptical about the body cream; I have awfully dry skin and bits of eczema that are so hard to get rid of so I didn't want to use anything but my trusty cocoa butter. I tried this on a whim a couple of nights ago and a bit of eczema I've been trying to clear for months has virtually gone...amazing! This is starting to look reasonable...
4. I'm sure most of the UK was gutted when E4 stopped showing friends every weekday...I used to watch it every night without fail after I got home from school when I was younger! I've always wanted this box set but never got round to buying it because it was always on TV. I was so excited when I opened this I actually broke the box... (Sorry Robbie!) Plus it's amazing how much they cut out for daytime(ish) TV, I've missed so much!
5. I used to be one of those weird obsessive Mighty Boosh fans when I was 14/15 so this Noel Fielding book is right up my street, haha. I've only flicked through this so I need to go through it properly tonight! Also, the cover is really... cushion-y. Weird! Anyone with this will probably see what I mean, haha.
6. Got these with a Boots voucher Robbie's Mum got me! I posted a picture with the silver one yesterday, I can't wait to try the Magenta Pearl one next!

Wow, probably the most I've ever wrote on here, I hope I didn't bore you all! I really didn't mean to write so much about the Liz Earle things because you've all probably heard it before but I couldn't help myself, haha. Going to go and end the fun of Christmas now by taking down the Christmas tree, sob! x

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