Tuesday, 10 January 2012

10/01/12; Centre.

Shirt: Romwe. Jeans: Love Clothing. Smudged and chipped nail polish (whoops): Models Own Magenta Pearl.

Slightly different hair today! I must have slept on it funny last night or something because my fringe just wouldn't go right today. Probably because it really needs cutting... It feels really weird having a centre parting because I've had a fringe (or a good old myspace side fringe) since I was about 14! I'm sure after a quick trim my huge forehead will be once more covered with hair!

I got instagram today! (@bekahdalee) Well I got it a couple of weeks ago, but my iphone (can I still call it a phone if the whole "phone" part doesn't work?) is normally left in the bottom of my bag for weeks on end because well, it doesn't really work. Decided to start using it again for angry birds and photo taking purposes and because I realised my blackberry is nothing compared to my beloved, broken iphone... x

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