Wednesday, 18 January 2012

18/01/12; The Halo Plait.

I'm usually hesitant when companies email me asking to post their pictures, videos etc on my blog. In fact I've never done it. It just seems a little impersonal to me! This one felt different though... The lovely people at John Frieda asked me to post and try out one of their new 'Style on Demand' videos which show you how to recreate different hairstyles yourself.  I've always love the halo plait or milkmaid braid or whatever you want to call it; I used to try it a lot a few years ago, but my hair was too short and it never worked! I thought I'd give it another go now with the help of the John Frieda video and much longer hair...

There's no way my fringe was going into this plait. I look ridiculous with it pulled off my face...
  Well this picture was a bit of a challenge. I found the front the hardest and most fiddly because I was trying to avoid plaiting my fringe into it all! This resulted in me missing a bit near my ear, oops. :-( 
  Almost finished... 
  Then after I pinned the bottom of the plait around my head it was done! 

I found a little flowery headband that fit perfectly on top of the plait and it kept it in place quite well too...

This took three attempts, the plait was the easiest part, it was the hair at the front that kept messing it up! The first and second time the plait came out perfect but I'd left too much or too little hair out at the front. The third time the plait messed up at the front (you can see in the first and last few pictures!) but it sat perfectly and my fringe looked okay so that one was the one that stayed. I'll give it another go soon; practice makes perfect! Now here's the video so you can try it yourselves, enjoy!


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