Thursday, 18 October 2012

I'm still here!

Oops! You know when you think you did something the other day when really it was two months ago? Yeah...
How do you people with full time jobs find spare time to blog?! I can't find any... I was reading my emails this morning and got one asking if I had moved to another blog address as I hadn't blogged since the beginning of AUGUST. What. I swear I thought it was about two weeks... This made me realise I am flaking a bit and thought I'd draw a line through my blog related laziness right now!

Okay! Now I promise I will be a bit more regular in terms of posting from now on. I don't actually have any new picture so here's a few of my instagram snaps from the past few months! You can follow me on instagram at @bekahdalee

1: Rufus now sleeps in the washing machine... 2: My first cross stitch I made for Robbie's Birthday (10 points if you know what programme these are from!). 3: My birthday present from Robbie! Sadly it broke the day before I got it so we need to get it fixed :( 4: My birthday Cake (I turned 21 in September!). 5: Obligatory Nandos picture. 6: I went a little crazy in John Lewis... 7: Robbie bought me a cat kigu for my birthday! 8: He's too cute. 9: Catlovin' 10: I got a new car and it's really good at holding food. 11: I bought a bicycle with the money I got for my birthday and Rufus likes it more than me. 12: Why opening the local Boots till 8pm is a bad idea.

ps! I'm in this months Company Magazine! (Dressed as a bat, as you do.)

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