Friday, 19 October 2012

Lush Cupcake Face Mask

I've always been eager to try Lush's face masks but for some reason I've never actually bought one! I decided to give one a go last time I was there and um'ed and ah'd over which one to get for ages. I ended up settling with the one that smelt the best... cupcake! luckily this was designed for "oily teenage skin" which is pretty much what I have. I think my skin is best described as a big ol' mess...

Obviously this smells incredible (like minty-chocolate, I resisted the urge to taste it this time...) so I end up sitting with it on my face for ages; sometimes even hours! It tingles ever so slightly which is good because it feels like it's "doing" something. I hate masks that just sit there but I also hate the ones that tingle far too much so this is a perfect!

The only downside is it's a huge mess to remove... I found the best way to remove it is to wait until it's dry and gently rub it off so it flakes away. My face feels so soft and calm after I use this so I'll defiantly pick another up next time I visit a Lush store! I'd love to try another one so if you guys have any recommendations please tell me!

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